Guidance Quiz


    1. How important is it to you that your garage door be a design element of your home, and/or maximize it’s curb appeal?

    Very ImportantSomewhat ImportantNot Important


    2. Is your Garage

    Attached - Living Space AboveDetached - Living Space AboveUnderneath (integral)Attached – no living space aboveDetached – no living space above


    3. Which of the following best describe the way your Garage is used?

    Park Cars and/or Store Items?A workshop or laundry area used regularlyA social gathering spotA backboard for the basketball hoop!


    4. Any of the following sound familiar! Let us know which one best describes you.

    I enjoy doing work around the house, both inside and outsideI typically hire someone to do work on the house, both inside and outside.I like to purchase things that are virtually maintenance free!


    5. Which of the following best describes your current interest in purchasing a garage door?

    I would like to add value to my home by maximizing its appearance.My garage door needs to be replaced and I am willing to consider other design options, but need a durable and reliable door.I am on a very limited budget and need a reliable, durable door.