These high-performance steel doors are engineered and designed for the strength and durability you need, with the speed and simplicity you want. Manufactured to stringent specifications, the 8000 Series of doors are industrial products built to perform every time. We take pride in eliminating shortcuts to deliver a product both specifiers and end users can be confident in.

Direct Drive Motor

Direct variable frequency drive control eliminates springs, increases speed, and improves reliability plus added benefit of soft start / soft stop technology.


Half-hexagonal formed hoods deliver superior structural rigidity and aesthetic appeal.


Clear polycarbonate glazed lites approximately 5” x 1-1/8” in size and spaced 7” on center. Pattern options include one or more full rows or groups of windows.

Easy Maintenance

The springless design eliminates the need for checking tension or replacing springs. Damaged slats or bottom bar can be easily replaced by our removable service panel.

Model Selection Chart

Model Max Size Drive Operation Speed Curtain Speed Curtain Profile Curtain Colors & Finishes Warranty
8221 14’4” x 14’4" Direct Motor Drive Up to 24” sec 22 gauge steel Flat [standard]
Flat Fenstrated [optional]
Gray, White [standard]
Unfinished Galvanized [optional]
3 year 300,000 cycles

Custom Options

Mounting Options