High Performance Vinyl Doors

Your High Speed Solution for Interior Openings

The MaxClean™ high-speed vinyl door is ideal for sealing interior openings, such as within manufacturing facilities, food processing plants, distribution centers, and warehouses. This high-performance vinyl door offers an opening speed up to 60” per second to maintain air separation. The MaxClean™ is designed to withstand accidental impact by releasing the curtain from its stainless steel guides and automatically resetting to reduce downtime. This door comes standard with a slanted stainless steel hood and motor cover, light curtain, and a soft bottom edge for pedestrian safety.


Strong Structure

Strong, clean, and durable construction featuring stainless steel guides.


Safe Work Environment

Easy to use control panel feeds wires through the stainless steel guides.


Protective Barrier

MaxClean features a standard light curtain for pedestrian safety.

Innovative Technology for High Productivity

At PerforMax Global™, our high speed vinyl door, the MaxClean™, offers time-saving features and efficient performance. The MaxClean™ has industrial grade stainless steel guides for easy wash down and long term durability. The integrated hood and motor cover provide a clean look. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions, read a case study, or request a quote online.

Benefits of MaxClean™

  • Includes stainless steel slanted hood and motor cover for clean applications
  • Automatically resets upon impact
  • Large vision panels improve safety
  • Fast operating speed reduces air infiltration, which reduces energy costs